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A Direct Primary Care Practice

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a growing movement of independent physicians who want to get back to patient-centered care. Medical care where your doctor is available 24/7 and house calls are the norm. Red Carpet Medicine does not take insurance*, all the hassles and extra expenses are cast aside leaving them more time to care for you. An affordable Membership covers an incredible range of care and that's just the beginning! Enroll today. Call Red Carpet Medicine at (405) 759-4237.

Member Benefits

  • Unlimited access to the doctor, virtually 24/7 via phone, text, email and video (No joking! You have the doctor's cell number)
  • House calls, office calls or clinic (wherever is most convenient to you!)
  • No co-pay for visits
  • On-site wholesale pharmacy (routine medications at savings up to 85%)
  • Low-cost wholesale lab tests (up to 97% off lab prices elsewhere)
  • In-office and mobile tests and procedures are included at no extra charge, including: laceration repair, EKG, joint injections and many more. Other procedures are available at affordable rates
  • Discount radiology services (You will not believe the savings with this benefit alone!)  

*Red Carpet Medicine is not insurance and strongly recommends that you have an insurance policy for more serious circumstances. You may even save enough to cover your Red Carpet Medicine Membership costs. provides additional health care services to complement Red Carpet Medicine Membership benefits. 
We can help you make an informed decision which can ease the uncertainty and stress of choosing the right plan for you.
Contact us today at (405) 793-7892.

Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM's)

There are five HCSM's but only one is big enough to operate better than an insurance company. Please contact us to discover why. Click to get more info, watch a video or get pricing.

Medi-Share HCSM 
Short Term Medical (STM's)

Short-term health plans can be extremely useful for those uninsured and in need of coverage. With a wide range of coverage options and benefits and short-term financial commitment, these plans allow for personalized health care. 

Allied Nat'l Pivot Health STM

Health Values

Three Accidental & Critical Illness Plans.

Receive $2,500-$10,000 for accident or a critical illness diagnosis.
 Hospital benefit up to $150 a day 
$1,000 a month in disability income up to 12 months.

No medical questions. 

Health Values

Ameritas Dental & Vision

Four dental plans with no waiting periods. $1000-$2000 Maximum Benefit combined for Preventative, Basic, and Major. Available Orthodontics. Two vision plans using Eye Med or VSP providers. 

Ameritas Dental & Vision

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