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Short Term Medical

Short Term Medical (STM) insurance provides comprehensive temporary medical insurance coverage that guard against catastrophic costs of unexpected medical bills.

Short Term Medical enrollment is ideal for:

  1. Employees waiting to qualify for employer medical coverage
  2. Affordable Care Act open enrollment period is closed
  3. Temporarily unemployed
  4. College graduates
  5. COBRA alternative

Click Here for Allied National Pivot Health STM     

Click Here for National General Accident & Health STM

Click Here for Standard Security Life STM

Click Here for UnitedHealthOne STM

Rx Pay Card

A pharmacy program designed to save you money on your prescription drug costs.

  • Available nationwide at over 42,000 pharmacies
  • Prescription Drugs: $10 generic drugs, $20 brand name and select generic drugs, $50 brand name and select generic drugs, and brand named drugs at a special negotiated discount.
  • Automatic Acceptance - no underwriting or health questions
  • No time limits for pre-existing conditions
  • No monthly or annual maximums

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