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Why do I need to check my Rx drug list on

Medicare Part D insurance plans vary their coverage almost every year due to changes in their
formulary drug lists (drugs the plan will cover). For example, a new expensive drug could be
covered at a more favorable price ( drug tier) or a brand name drug could become available as a
generic. You might even pay a lower price at the pharmacy even though you enrolled in a plan
that had a more expensive premium. It's all due to where your drugs fall on the formulary of a
particular Medicare Part D insurance plan. You can enroll to a more favorable plan or stay on
your current plan at the Medicare Part D open enrollment that happens every October through

To build your Medicare Rx drug list go will to The pictures below will show the
web pages you will see
 that help you find the Medicare Part D plan that will work best for you.
You will also be able to revisit this list every year or share the list with a licensed agent if you save
your Drug List ID and Password Date.

Please note, the pictures below are what you will see on each web page as you navigate on . Inserted within the pictures you will see helpful instructions in red.

In the webpage above you will click the green box "Find health & drug plans".

In the webpage below you will enter your Zip code and click "Find Plans".

On this webpage you see this box, click on the radio dials as shown.

Enter you drugs and please save your "Drug List ID & Password Date".

After you entered all of your drugs you can stop and print your drug list, the printed list will
also show your Drug List ID and Password Date so that you can share this list with a licensed
agent who can help you select the best plan.

Ready to enter your drugs? Click here 

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